We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for all your printing and mailing needs. Our dedicated in-house customer service teams make it their mission to ensure that your print job is a success. From marketing advice, design services, mailing capabilities and exceptional print quality, we truly handle it all.
We are serious about delivering the best customer experience possible. We provide unmatched value, made possible by our fast turnover and high volume and modern approach to our client's needs.
Our design team will ensure that your art and graphics are exceptionally good in every way and this high standard is then continued through the printing stage and delivery to your door or a potential client's hand.


Postcards / Leaflets / Flyersflyers
Pamphlets | Flyers | Postcards | Menus | Brochures | 139 x 107 mm | 216 x 139 mm | 95 x 210 mm | 216 x 279 mm | choice of paper thickness | General Promotional Printing & more... 
Flyers are a very easy way to spread knowledge rapidly as even in the digital age that we live in today where you may think email is the way forward (if the message doesn’t go into spam), leaflets are actually still one of the best ways to spread information and facts fast. Put simply, printed words tend to have a lot more credibility than an email or even a webpage sometimes.
Another favourite fact of ours about flyers or "pamphlets" is that unlike other advertising mediums where the potential client has to actually go and find the information (whether it's turning on a computer or opening an email on their phone etc. etc.) these are things that are hard to get people to do, whereas flyers are there all the time, on the sideboard or in the center console of their car... right there permanently advertising 24/7/365.


Business Cardscards
Regular | Raised Print | Gloss Elements | Folded Cards | Appointment Cards | Acrylic Cards | Translucent | Embossed | Laminated | Matte | Satin | Glossy finish & more... 
Business cards aren’t just a method of handing over your contact details. They tell the recipient a lot about who you are and what you stand for. A clean, uncluttered business card design shows you care about your appearance and immediately creates a professional impression.
If people remember you from your card, that’s half the battle won. There is room for creativity, as long as you still get across the important information, because ultimately, it doesn’t matter how flash and memorable the card is if the email address isn’t readable. Let our design team produce business card for you that will give your business a good look, the instant you hand your card to someone.


Poster / Banner / Displayposter
Large Format | Posters | Prints | Canvases | Banners | Printed signs | Boards | Prints up to 242 x 76cm | Display Prints / Panels & more... 
Historically, posters were designed mainly for the purpose of advertising but today we've come to recognize posters as the affordable version of almost any type of printed media, from famous artist's works to the latest pop star. Affordably priced, posters offer the perfect platform for the old and the new allowing for timeless enjoyment or frequent change. Posters and banners are the perfect medium for the changing needs of your business and the rapidly changing world around us.
For exhibitions and stands we also have a high end bespoke printing sector, with generations of knowledge and experience for your designs and personal delivery and installation options.
Let our design team amaze you with a large format addition to your shop window that will get everyone looking.


Miniboards up to 24m2 | Regular Billboards 8x3m (24m2) | Superboards 24x6m+ | Building-boards & more... 
A billboard (or hoarding) is the daddy of outdoor advertising, most commonly placed in high-traffic areas billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers very effectively. Typically showing large, ostensibly witty slogans, and distinctive visuals, billboards are highly visible in the top designated market areas. The largest superboards command high-density consumer exposure with the greatest visibility and are the ultimate in advertising, due not only to their size, but because they allow creative "customizing" through extensions and embellishments.
Billboard advertisements are designed to catch a person's attention and create a memorable impression very quickly, leaving the reader thinking about the advertisement after they have past it. They have to be readable in a very short time because they are usually read while being passed at high speeds.
If your budget allows for some large scale advertising then a strategically placed billboard is a must for your business.


Industrial Signs | Shop Signs | Community Signs | Road Signs | Interior | Exterior | Illuminated & more... 
We print, supply and fit a range of signs and fascia boards to suit your individual requirement & budget. From regular printed signs to aluminium sign trays to fully illuminated light boxes, our sign services from design through to installation will be sure to get your business noticed.
Signage has to be done right as it is normally the first thing from a company that potential clients will see, with our signs you will be proud to show them off outside your business and you will know straight away that they are doing their job as they were intended to.
Get your free design and see how we excel in the designs of our signs.


Stickers / Wrapsstickers
Stickers of all sizes | Vinyl Lettering | Prints | Magnetic Prints | Vehicle Wrapping | Fleet Graphics - Commercial Signage | Signwriting | Translation | Transcription | Content Creation | Editorial | Copywriting | Localization & more... 
There are no limits to the designs anymore when it comes to stickers, vinyl and wrapping. You can pretty much have anything you want from little stickers to put on your product to a complete colour change wrap for an airplane, the possibilities are endless.
We here at IGL love endless possibilities and our creative streaks shine through when offered a challenge.
Set our team to the test with your idea and see if they can amaze you as they have so many others.







High quality photography and video capture to advertise, market and improve the appearance and feel of to your business.



Diverse online technology for all of your website and other online needs, optimized to reach out to your targeted market.



Hands on printed advertising on a wide range of materials to drive visitors to your business website, email or telephone.

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Business Packs starting at 399€

Whether you are starting a new business, need to give your existing business a boost or simply have an idea that you might like to earn money from, our 399€ business pack will get things moving for you. We have teamed up with local businesses and combined our resources to offer you amazing deals that will get you noticed.


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Are there any other costs? No
None at all... After one year you will be asked if you woud like to renew your web hosting with us for a further year.

How many changes can be made to the flyer design? Unlimited
We will always try to make any changes that you wish, up until the point of print.

How many images are included? Varied
We will always take as many as possible, with the 399 pack we guarantee 25 images.

What information do I need to give you?
The more information the better, but we have a team of experts that can select the best known options for your particular needs.

Do I need to design my own branding and logo? No
You are more than welcome to, but we can do this for you for you also for free

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