Multimedia is important because it adds to the excitement and appeal of your application, product or business. It illustrates concepts in a way that static information simply cannot and offers portability, flexibility, individualized learning and a broader view of you and your business. Multimedia can make anything more interactive, user friendly and interesting, which is why it plays such a large part in our overall performance here at IGL.
Our job is to make you look good, ensure your business is ripe and we believe that with the right combination of the following multimedia services we can launch or improve your business in a way that you ever imagined possible.


Commercial | Corporate | Product | Stock | Marketing | Time-lapse | Macro | Large Format | Panoramic | Event | Artistic | Portrait/People | Studio | Modeling/Fashion | Aerial | Architectural/Real Estate | Landscape | Nature/Wildlife | Urban/Industrial | Underwater | Sports | Wedding & more... 
Photography is a necessity, since physically touching products or a service is impossible online, high quality pictures are a key point to the success of any business. Anyone can snap a picture but only a true Photographer will capture that perfect moment and feel that can then be used in create images that show something perfectly or better. A photograph is a memory and a slice in time to be remembered so it is important to get it right. High quality images for your flyers, website and social media will significantly improve sales and we have wide selection of photographers to get you what you need.


Cinematography | Television Broadcast | Green Screen | Commercial | Corporate | Product | Stock | Marketing | Time-lapse | Macro | Panoramic | Event | Artistic | Interview/People | Studio | Modeling/Fashion | Aerial | Architectural/Real Estate | Landscape | Nature/Wildlife | Urban/Industrial | Underwater | Sports | Wedding | 360 Tours | 3D | Ultra HD & more... 
Video is now a common part of everyone’s lives and so people often think that if your business is as good as you say it is, then you would surely have a video of some sort to prove it. Even if you are thinking that video would not suit your marketing needs you are wrong, as there are a large percentage of people like myself who will scan for a video to watch but does not sit reading pages of text. If somebody has something worth saying about anything in the world then there is sure to be a video about it online… let that be your video and reap the benefits of pulling in that targeted market.
If someone watches your video then they are more than likely willing to look a little further into your business, we have a wide choice of video operators that can ensure this will happen by bringing your business to life with video.


Television Broadcast | Radio Broadcast | Commercial | Corporate | Marketing | Event | Narration | Interview | Dictation | Nature/Wildlife | Underwater | Wedding & more... 
Audio is everywhere and the quality in which we receive it is as important as the visual aspect.
People will often see something and say that they don’t like the look of it, but less common is for someone to realize that the audio they are hearing is poor quality, they know they don’t like it but they are not sure why. Playback that same audio to that same person but this time mastered in high quality and they can often change their minds as we automatically shy away from sound frequencies outside of our everyday spectrum, scraping nails down a blackboard is probably a good example of this (causing irritation to the tooth nerves) or “brown note” (causing a loss of bowel control) or even worse, death by Cardiac dysrhythmia.
OK a little dramatic I will agree but good audio is important to make people feel comfortable and we have the professionals and the equipment to do this right for your needs.


Branding | Drawing | Art | Clip-art | Line Drawing | GFX | Digital Art | Image Manipulation | CGI | Projection | Commercial | Corporate | Marketing | Event & more... 
There is certainly no doubt that graphics can make us think of anything that the designer chooses, whether we are thinking of a bold red logo with white like Kit Kat or Coca Cola or adding some yellow for McDonald’s, Burger King or Pizza hut or adding some blue to the red will give you Pepsi or perhaps British Airways. These iconic imprints are just some of the visual aspects that stay locked in our brains and the graphics certainly work as intended when we relate a product to their design in our sub conscious.
Every company can apply this same strategy to their business, from the simple logo designs above to CGI and corporate marketing there are many ways in which graphics will improve your business.
Through research, analysis and close collaboration with our clients we create clear, concise and engaging artistic & graphical solutions for anything.


Security | Analytics | Utilities | Computer Programs | Web Apps | Mobile Apps | Retail/Stock Management | Finance & more... 
To stay ahead of the competition in an ever-changing world, it is a necessity to continuously optimise business processes and performance. Enabling improved customer engagement and increased efficiency, ultimately leading to additional turnover and profit. Many businesses implement software solutions that have been specifically designed and developed for your business processes. To ensure success, this requires expertise to understand your business processes, leading-edge technical knowledge and proven experience, in order to choose the most suitable development approach.
Whether you are looking for software development skills to increase the capacity of your existing concepts or looking for instant improvement, we have a team that can and have produced many kinds of software packages which can easily be tailored to meet your businesses requirements or we can even design something from base up for you to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.


Text / Languagetext
Writing | Editing | Proof Reading | Translation | Transcription | Content Creation | Editorial | Copywriting | Localization & more... 
We all need our work checked, corrected and/or perfected at times and so we all need the use of creation, editing, translation and/or localisation services in multiple languages and sectors including marketing communication materials, public service information, legal and technical documentation and educational materials.
Make sure that you look good and are being represented correctly by letting a professional check it out for you as just the smallest typo can make your entire organisation appear careless.
We manage every stage of business creation and smooth running and ensure that we always maximise efficiency and minimise the time used, while maintaining an uncompromising attitude towards quality.







High quality photography and video capture to advertise, market and improve the appearance and feel of to your business.


Diverse online technology for all of your website and other online needs, optimized to reach out to your targeted market.



Hands on printed advertising on a wide range of materials to drive visitors to your business website, email or telephone.


Start or Boost Your Business!

Business Packs starting at 399€

Whether you are starting a new business, need to give your existing business a boost or simply have an idea that you might like to earn money from, our 399€ business pack will get things moving for you. We have teamed up with local businesses and combined our resources to offer you amazing deals that will get you noticed.


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Are there any other costs? No
None at all... After one year you will be asked if you woud like to renew your web hosting with us for a further year.

How many changes can be made to the flyer design? Unlimited
We will always try to make any changes that you wish, up until the point of print.

How many images are included? Varied
We will always take as many as possible, with the 399 pack we guarantee 25 images.

What information do I need to give you?
The more information the better, but we have a team of experts that can select the best known options for your particular needs.

Do I need to design my own branding and logo? No
You are more than welcome to, but we can do this for you for you also for free

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