Welcome to the IGL JobClub
(Covering all areas between Nerja to Gibraltar & inland to Coin)

At the IGL JobClub we believe in teamwork and so what better way to search for employment than to team up and help each other do this.
Nomatter what industry you are interested in working or what position you would like to do within that industry, everyone benefits from some outside input on how to get a good job. Here in Andalucia this rule can be highlighted more than often with the local community wanting to know who you are and what you are doing, so again what better way to learn all this than to meet up at an IGL WorkClub meeting.

At our Marbella meeting just last week, 2 of our members (one a nail technician and the other a make-up artist)  decided to team up together and they are currently planning the launch of a joint business together, so effectively we are actually now creating jobs within our own club, pretty cool hey.
Now this is of course an exceptional circumstance and finding a job in Andalucia can be a very difficult and painstaking task but we do believe that putting many heads together will in turn create more of a chance of the right person hearing the right advice that might then in turn lead to them going and doing the right thing that will land them that right job.
We are joined at our meetings by an IGL consultant working closely with a new commission free recruitment agency CostaPeople who bring with them the latest and most up to date job vacancy information and they are sometimes accompanied by any potential employers who are seeking to fill a position within their business.

Meetings are set up monthly (usually the first Saturday of the month) and are arranged at a suitable location to the area that has had the most response that month. So if for example we get 10 or more responses from people between Fuengirola and Calahonda then we will arrange a meet at somewhere like Streets of London, La Cala, if the requests are nearer to Marbella then perhaps Pan y Mermelada on the Golden Mile. Needless to say that after 26 years in Spain we know some suitable places along the coast where we have at least a corner to ourselves. As the response reaches ten or more replies from one area then all interested parties are emailed a choice of locations near to them and we select the location based on the most selected from that.
Even though we often meet at bars or restaurants, we have a no alcohol request for the duration of the meeting (normally 1-2 hours) but people are of course more than welcome to stay there after we have left and mingle with each other.

Selection for the IGL JobClub is by invite or acceptance only so there will be no open Facebook groups or suchlike, this is to stop companies simply turning up to advertise or take advantage of members urgently requiring work. Instead, employers now need to go through us or CostaPeople if they wish to contact anyone in our jobclub that they wish to hire. We do not charge the employer or potential employee anything for the referral and only ask that people recommend IGL as a good place to do business.

If you are interested in checking out the IGL JobClub Marbella - (Covering Nerja to Gibraltar & inland to Coin) then click the enquire button below or send a simple email request including your location, profession and general area of work interest  to:  your area@iglmalaga.com (eg: marbella@iglmalaga.com) and we will let you know when and where the next meeting is that may be of interest to you.

Thanks for reading about the IGL JobClub and we look forward to hearing from you







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