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We are a specialist team operating the IT department at the IGL Business Development Centre based in the beautiful Andalusian city of Malaga and we have been here on the south coast of Spain for 26 years now.

Through our network of 3 offices along Spain’s southern coast and 24 offices around the world, we provide professional business consulting services to many, including one-on-one counselling & training, to general guidance for individuals starting a business or looking for ways to improve an existing one, in short, we supply everything that you could ever need to launch, run or revamp a business.


Success is always the key and with business development at the core of our operations, we pride ourselves in our ability to create long-term value for any business no matter how big or small. Here at EasyWebsites we are primarily comprised of a team of 12 and all have our own area of expertise ranging from web design, photography, video & printing to multinational conglomerate management to name but a few. We have experience of most industries/sectors and we can help anyone as we adapt ourselves to almost any environment. You know that people often say how easier it is to see someone else’s problems rather than your own, well we excel in doing just that.


If you are looking for some assistance with business management, some targeted solutions or just some simple advice on how you can improve your business then you are in the wrong place...

You should be on the Services page. See you there!


We are Opening in Marbella

As much of our client base these days is in Msrbella, we are looking at suitable locations to set up in and/or around Marbella and San Pedro to reproduce the successful structure of our Malaga office and keep up the guaranteed reliability of our global business.

FREE Business Packs

Depending on your industry and terms, we may be able to offer you a business pack in exchange for services or shares in your business. If for example you are a tapas bar local to any of our offices or meeting points then we could possibly offer you a pack in exchange for some tapas.

Looking for work?

We are looking for a number of people to push our new business packs and raise awareness to our efficient setup. If you have a good network of friends/associates or you are looking for a good reason to get out there chat to people while earning money then join our network.

Looking for work?


We are looking for people to sell our business related products!








" Due to our slightly remote location we tried for 3 years to get people to try our resyaurant food but we were barely coverind the bills. Now 2 years after we got the 400euro start-up pack from you, business is booming. Many of our regulars said at our anniversary last week that they first saw the flyers you made for us and then followed the facebook page to the website. So yes a success, thank you for you efforts, you have certainly put us on the map"

- Sharon Brewer


"Unbelievable, we tried to sell our villa for ages with just one or two calls a month and then after you did your thing we got ten or more enquiries in the first month and 25 or so in the second, we sold it on the third. Very immpressed so just had to leave this message. thank you"

- Paco Rodríguez


"Brilliant, thank you so much EasyWebsites, I will recommend you to my associates for sure, the best wwebsite that I have seen and it was less than half of the price I paid for my last one (that didnt work very well). Absolutely brill. Thx"

- Martin Fitzgerald

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on the coast for 26 years
EasyWebsites - Camino a Soliva del Cañaveral, Puerto de la Torre, Malaga 29010, SPAIN - tel: (+34)661194653 - ew@si4.me

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